ed grace back
As well as the illustration on show on my site I offer live illustration services. Nobody seems quite sure what to call this- it's referred to as live illustration, live visualisation, graphic facilitation and a number of other things.

What all these phrases boil down to is that I can attend your meeting, workshop, brainstorm or other event with a huge bag of marker pens and produce fast, accessible and creative visuals which really help to crystallise your ideas and make them easily comprehensible to other people. Perhaps you've gathered your finest minds together to generate ideas and want a way of recording them simply and accessibly - or you want to bring a presentation to life with a visual representation of your subject, created as you talk. That's the type of thing I can do for you.

I'm presentable, friendly, confident and always eager to help - if you'd like to see some examples of this type of work or would just like to know more then please get in contact.

I'm based in London, UK, but am more than happy to travel to your venue, and have recently done jobs of this nature for large international companies in the UK and Norway.

live illustration