Client : Disappear Here Magazine

Here are all kinds of things selected from sketchbooks, scraps of paper and my hard drive.
They shed a little light on the types of things I like to draw. Some are even funny.
Some are links to my blog- do not be alarmed.
ed grace back
eggnoranceno second date illustrationangel drawingfacebook illustrationvector illustrationsketchbook collageshoe illustrationscall centre peoplea cartoon about credit crunchessketchbook thing a lingsa moody pictureilustrator stalks peoplesome robotsthese shoes is pradareebok instapump drawingtiny the awful doguggo cartoondisturbing tentacled creaturebrian eno warm jetscar!everywhere you go...wayne rooney cartoondisturbing eyeballtiny the most annoying dog in the worldcharacter designkind of mefunny cartoon thanksaharrrrahoymenzies campbell cartoonvector self portraitink letteringsomething for the weekend (lettering)